Responsive WordPress theme
made for comic book artists

Easy Setup

Easy theme setup with clear and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

Created for comic book artists

Responsive WordPress theme tailored specially for comic book artists’ needs.

Fully responsive

Comics Star theme adapts automatically to different screen sizes.

Free setup

Free setup with our recommended hosting purchase.

Comic book creator. Cartoonist. Illustrator.

Does this describe you?
Have you considered taking your art and business to the next level, and building your own website? Or in case that you already did it, are you tired of generic WordPress themes and popular comic book CMS?

Comics Star is the theme you’ve been waiting for!

It is responsive, easy to install with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use it, fast, reliable, and affordable.

Core features

Cast page

This page lists the characters of the comic, including a short description as well as a link to their first appearance in the comic.

Comics Reader

The Comics Reader is dynamically loading images grouped by chapters, which allows users to slide them faster. The height of the Reader depends of your submitted artworks.

Dynamic archive

All published chapters are listed on the Archive page. Each of them contains a linked comic preview as well as a short description.


The navigation feature enables users to easily browse the comics pages and to switch between the chapters.

If you are not a techie, don’t worry, we speak your language.

In order to build a WordPress website you will need 3 things:


(Think of it as your home address)


(Think of it as the land you build your house on)


(An actual house that you can build and decorate according to you needs and wishes)

Want to know the best part?

We provide you with our Comics Star theme, but did we mention that you can get hosting by our trusted hosting provider for as little as $2.99 a month?

Theminity team can help you with the set up FREE of charge in case you purchase our recommended hosting.



Got any questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us for more.

What makes the Comics Star different from other Word Press themes out there?

Glad you asked.


The Comics Star is a responsive WordPress theme tailored specifically for comic book artists’ needs. It contains a custom-made Comics Reader for easier and faster sliding through comics, dynamic Archive page as well as a Cast page where all heroes are introduced to readers.


Unlike other themes that are not adapted for comics, with the Comics Star you will be able to start publishing your artworks from the moment you purchased it, without additional developer assistance to adapt a theme to your needs.


The Comics Star created by WP experts, doesn’t have unnecessary elements and bunch of options that slow the pages loading. It’s SEO friendly and has a high rate on the Google Page Speed Insights test.

Is the Comics Star a responsive theme?

Yes, the Comics Star is a responsive WordPress theme. No matter if you use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer, it fits any screen perfectly.

Apart from the theme, do I need anything else to build my website?

Yes, there are 3 essential elements required for building a website apart from the Comics Star theme. Those are:

  • WordPress supported hosting
  • Domain name
  • WordPress installation

Theminity team can help you with the set up free of charge by purchasing our recommended hosting.

Where can I buy the Comics Stars theme?

The Comics Star theme is available exclusively on Etsy. Visit our store HERE.

I bought the hosting. How do I get my free installation?

Congrats for taking your art to the next level! Please email us to move forward with the free setup.

How do I install the Comics Star theme?

The Comics Star theme installation process is the same as with any other WordPress theme. It is pretty simple, and consists of a few steps. If you have done it before you will have no problem the process. However, if this is your first time installing a theme there are 2 options. You can study and follow this detailed instructional video, or you can have us do it for you in no time. By purchasing our recommended hosting, you will get the Comics Star theme setup free of charge.

Who is the Comics Star theme suitable for?

The Comics Star WordPress theme is suitable for everyone from a comic book creator, cartoonist to an illustrator. It enables the creators to display their content in a professional looking way, while fully owning their content. The theme is made with comic book artists and enthusiasts in mind, as it caters to their specific needs.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs when you purchase the Comics Star theme. It is a one-time purchase valued at $100.


If this is your first time looking into building a website, we would like to add that in order to build one you will also need a Domain name, WordPress installation, and Hosting. Our recommendation for hosting is our trusted A2 hosting.

Where can I buy A2 hosting?

To purchase A2 hosting, please follow THIS LINK.

Can I use Google AdSense in this theme?

Yes, it can be added on any page with the WordPress editor.

I want to develop and sell my merchandize. Can I add a shop to my website?

The Comics Star theme comes without the shop option, but feel free to contact us and ask for implementation.

If I am not satisfied with the theme, do I get my money back?

Unfortunately no. Since this is a digital product, it’s non-refundable. Before you make purchase, please read the product description and make sure what you will get. For additional questions, please contact us.

Take your art to the next level with the Comics Star WordPress theme!

Meet the theme creators

Milenko Radic

WordPress Expert

Milenko is a senior WordPress developer. When he was a little boy, he enjoyed playing with Legos. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he now plays with WordPress blocks in Gutenberg. A rare mixture of creative and tech expert, building the best themes WordPress has seen. Globe trotter, Onewheel rider, avid comic book lover. Together with his colleague Svetlana, he is ready to disrupt the WP world.

Svetlana I.


Svetlana is an illustrator and a web designer. Her ability to create unique graphic solutions made her work distinguished among her colleagues. As an illustrator, no one better understands the needs of comic book artists than her. Paired with her immaculate web design skills, no wonder Comics Star was born. She lives by this quote: “If you cannot find it, create it”! And that’s exactly what she did in collaboration with her colleague Milenko.

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